Top Tips to drink less

Top tips for cutting down

Try something different

   When bored or stressed have a workout instead of drinking and avoid going to the pub after work

Take a booze break

   Instead of drinking alcohol, try having a couple of consecutive days in the week when you stick to low-calorie soft drinks.

Out-of house, out-of mind

   If it’s in the house, then you’re likely to drink it! Stop stocking up on alcohol when you’re doing the shopping.

Get them in first

   If you’re out with people who drink heavily, try to avoid buying in rounds (you could always get the first round and then opt out).

Evening meal only drinking

   Instead of opening your whole evening up to drinking, just have a drink with your evening meal only and don’t carry on drinking afterwards.

On a night out - eat before you go out

   Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach means the alcohol is absorbed into your system quicker, so try to eat before you go out or during the night. Eating before or during drinking alcohol should help stop any cravings for a greasy kebab at the end of the night too.

Switch your drink

   Try switching to a lower strength (ABV%) beer or wine – look at the label on the bottle or can.

Know your limit

   When you do drink, set yourself a limit and stick to it. If you’re going out only take a fixed amount of money to spend on alcohol, but make sure you have enough money for the bus or taxi home!

Medical warning

It is recommended that if you have physical withdrawal symptoms (shaking, sweating or feelings of anxiety until you have your first drink of the day) you should take medical advice before stopping completely – this is because some people may need additional support to help them cope with the withdrawal symptoms. it can be dangerous to do this too quickly and without proper advice and support

For specialist support around giving up alcohol for good – please contact Knowsley Integrated Recovery Service on 0151 482 6291 or 07780 495742 (out of hours)

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