It’s no surprise that frequent physical activity is good for you.

Exercise helps to boost the body’s immune system and can prevent the onset of conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity. As well as helping to keep you physically healthy, exercise can help you to keep mentally healthy by preventing depression and other forms of mental ill health. Move more, live more actively!

How much is enough?

Physical activity is the medicine we’ve always had. It brings rapid improvements to our mental wellbeing and a range of benefits to our physical health. Click below to find out the recommendations for adults and children and take positive steps towards a healthier you.

What will you do?

Knowsley have fabulous facilities both in terms of our leisure centres and also our green spaces. There are a wide range of opportunities including cycling to swimming, yoga, team sports, green gyms – there is something for everyone.

The gym is not for me!

Active daily living is about ‘the things we normally do’, but just trying to do a bit more than you do now; it doesn’t mean you have to join a gym, it just means move more and more often. Parking at the far end of the car park or getting off the bus / train a stop earlier all add up.

Sitting still is dangerous.........

Inactivity is the 4th largest cause of disease and disability in the UK. It directly contributes to one in six deaths which is the same number as smoking. So, moving more often could save your life, and above all, we should try to limit sitting down and being inactive for long periods of time.

Ready for a challenge?

It’s often easier to have a goal and work towards a target and one option is aiming for a 5 kilometer run. Couch to 5K is a great training programme to get you there one step at a time! Click on the button below to find out more about the training programme.

When your training is under way, Knowsley has a 5K park run every Saturday morning which you can take at your own pace. It’s for all abilities and is a great place to see how your training is going.


If you would like support to become more active or to find out about the various activities on offer in Knowsley contact the Healthy Knowsley Hub on 0800 0731 202 or 0151 289 9555.

Or if you would prefer someone to contact you, simply complete the Hub referral form

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