Why do I need an NHS Health Check?

The free NHS Health Check is designed to help spot the early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and dementia. The check enables people, aged 40 – 74, to get specialist advice so you can take early steps to lower your risk of getting these conditions.

What happens at the check?

The check will take about 20 to 30 minutes. We will ask you some simple questions about your family history and current lifestyle.

We will also:

Record your height, weight, age, sex and ethnicity.

Take your blood pressure.

Do a simple non-fasting finger prick test to check your cholesterol.

When do I get my results?

We will tell you all your results there and then and we will explain what they mean. You will be given your risk of developing a heart or circulation problem over the next 10 years.

We will also discuss how you can reduce your risk and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you have high blood pressure you may need a blood test to check your kidneys. Some people may also need to have another blood test to check for type 2 diabetes.

Am I eligible for a check?

The NHS Health Check is for people aged 40 – 74 years old, who are registered with a Knowsley GP.

You must not already have certain pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and vascular dementia.

How healthy is your heart – check your heart age

Take the online heart age test to see how healthy your heart is. The self-assessment:

  • Tells you your heart age compared to your real age
  • Explains why it's important to know your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers
  • Gives advice on how to reduce your heart age
Not sure if you have had an NHS Health Check?

If you are unsure if you have had an NHS Health Check then speak to your GP practice and they will be able to tell you if you have had a check.

Looking after your heart health

You can reduce your risk of having a heart attack or stroke by keeping your heart happy. You can find lots of information and advice on the Happy Hearts website.

Support is also available to help you manage and control your:

  • High blood pressure
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • High cholesterol

You can also download the Happy Hearts leaflet here.


Telephone your GP surgery to make an appointment.

For more information search online for NHS Health Check

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